I'm Em: a lover of all motion and animation! I've recently joined the wonderful Tinmouse Animation Studio as a Junior Animator & Designer.

I love to experiment with visual styles and mediums and have recently introduced more 3D elements and texture into my work.


Although I've always had an interest in animation and video games, I truly discovered my passion for motion after completing a stop motion project in my first year at university.


Since graduating from Nottingham Trent University in 2020 with a first in BA Graphic Design, I've gained experience in the animation world and developed my skills. Until April 2021, I was a Production Assistant at the lovely animation studio Finger Industries - and in my spare time, I led and directed students to create animated content for the Trent PTS service.

I then went on to design, storyboard and animate digital and broadcast advertisements full time at CNS Media as a Junior Motion Designer / Animator, for a variety of clients.


You can contact me at emgreenanimates@gmail.com if you're interested in my work, or download my CV here.