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City to Sea World Refill Day
client project

As part of Tinmouse's environmental efforts, we approached City to Sea to donate our time to their cause. They asked us to create something to promote their World Refill Day campaign that raises awareness of the detrimental impact of single use plastics on the environment, and encourages people to use alternatives.


I came up with the concept of a reusable metal bottle being bought by a young girl and the bottle becoming almost like a pet to her, going everywhere with her. The concept emphasises how reusable bottles can be with you for every aspect of life, while creating an emotional element through the personification of the bottle. The team loved the idea and so I set to work designing the characters and world of the story.

I was responsible for the design, storyboarding and final animation of the film, which is below. (Watch with sound on to experience the lovely sound effects!)

A selection of key stills:

Initial character sketches and character design sheets:

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