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This Fabric World
university project

This animation was a response to the 2019/20 RSA Student Design Award's Moving Pictures brief, set in collaboration between RSA and Make Fashion Circular. The brief was to conceive and produce an animation to accompany Lily Cole's speech on fast and circular fashion that would clarify, energise and illuminate the content.

I decided to depict the ‘take, make, waste’ cycle and how it impacts the environment through accessible, story focussed visuals. By using an approachable style and characters that the audience can empathise with, the core message of ending the cycle is accessible. I also wanted to demonstrate that embracing new models in the fashion industry is key in preventing further damage to our planet, through the use of a ’hero’ who implements change.

This is the final animation:

And a selection of key stills from the finished film:

When developing the character designs, I decided to use a human-esque frame that would be relatable for any age group but with a combination of shape languages in order to subtly allude that the people of the planet, like us, are not entirely innocent - they take part in the destruction of their environment.

This led to the use of straight edges and triangles paired with rounded / friendly eyes to create a juxtaposition of positive and negative traits.


To make the animation feel as tangible as possible, I created a real quilt made up of recycled fabrics from secondhand stores and old clothes, photographed it and used it as the sky and ground of the planet.

With the leftover denim, I created a concept art book detailing the process of storyboarding, designing and animating the film.

This is the rough animatic I created to work out the pacing of the film:

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