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Phones Direct - Phone MOT
client project

Phones Direct approached the team at CNS to devise a 30 second ad that would encapsulate their USPs and build brand trust - as a new brand, it was especially important for the audience to understand that they sell high quality refurbished phones that are checked thoroughly. We came up with the concept of a Phone MOT, with an engaging and friendly style.


This is finished animation:

And a selection of key stills from the sequence:

After an initial brainstorm where we came up with the Phone MOT concept, I sat down to develop the storyboard (below). I was also responsible for the animation of the ad.

It ran as a digital ad across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, with great results of clickthroughs double the average on Facebook.

Storyboard - Concept 1Artboard 1.jpg
Storyboard - Concept 1Artboard 2.jpg
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