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Mental Health is No Yolk
university project

This was a group project with a starting point of word prompts related to types of weather, including: snowstorm, baking and torrential. From these prompts, we developed an animation to raise awareness of mental health services, using an egg as the main character who is suffering, until he finds help.

This was my first experience in stop motion animation. I really enjoyed the process, especially as it takes such a long time - it was so rewarding to see the final outcome. This was also my first experience in sound design, which I enjoyed more than I anticipated.

I also created a looping gif for the project. I used tracing paper to produce each frame by hand, drawing out 15 frames. I then scanned them and put them together in Premiere Pro to create this GIF (and added them into the stop motion animation as the key message at the end).


I really enjoyed the traditional cel process; it was especially exciting to not really know how it would look or flow until I sequenced the frames digitally.

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