Trent PTS
client project

Following a two week placement at Trent PTS where I worked in a group to design and create an animated advertisement in two weeks, I was employed by them to continue on my own. During my 10 months there, I created a set of animations independently, and later led and directed a group of 3 students on others, devising a further 13 animations in total.


The aim of these animations was to encourage people across the midlands to refer themselves for psychological therapy while normalising their feelings and letting them know that they don't have to struggle alone, focusing on marginalised and under supported communities.


Using a story focused approach, I devised scripts and storyboards for every animation, designed assets, and acted as the creative and animation director. In order to resonate with a wide range of audiences with maintained consistency, we designed human-like characters with as little indication of race, gender and age as possible, with a combination of visually simple aesthetics and soothing sound design.


Here is a selection of the final animations I created independently:

And an example of one of my storyboards: