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Manchester Christmas Markets - Pitch Tests
placement project

During a week placement at Kilogramme Animation Studio,  I was tasked with developing short animation tests to be used in the studio's pitch for the opportunity to create an advertisement for Manchester's 2019 Christmas markets. I was asked to do this in an expressive and experimental art style similar to some of Kilogramme's previous work, with the direction to use a combination of hand drawn and computerised techniques. 

These are the completed tests:

The animations were based on pre-existing vector illustrations:

I used a combination of computer generated animation in After Effects and frame by frame sections in Flash/Animate to create animation tests that were fluid but natural. I received positive feedback from Claire and Jon at Kilogramme; they specifically liked my concept of arms growing from the cup and the way I combined the different techniques to create a dynamic but polished look.

I am personally happiest with the frame by frame parts most as I feel they created the most expressive and artistic feel.

Below are all of the frame by frame sections shown individually:

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