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CNS Video Marketing
in-house project

The creative/video team I'm part of at CNS wanted to devise a short video to advertise ourselves and to present to clients who may be considering an animated video with us. We wanted to highlight the effectiveness of video, how it can work for any type of client, and emphasise how we can then use that same video across digital and TV advertising.


This is finished animation:

And a selection of key stills:

As a group we decided on the script for the video in order to hit the key points. After that, I sat down to develop the storyboard (below), where I came up with the character now known as 'Thinky' - an imaginative brain representing the creative team at CNS.


I was also responsible for the animation of the ad; this was a great experience as I learned a lot about 3D animation to create the sequence with the bottle. I also used joysticks n' sliders to rig the eye movement and expression, which was really fun.

This is the storyboard for the video:

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